Senior Transition Guidance and Exceptional Real Estate Service with Cash Back

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Sales & Marketing Excellence

Sales & Marketing Excellence


elcome to Hunsicker Senior Living Services!

We hope you find the information you need. Whether you are a leader or associate of a senior living community, or a consumer considering moving to a senior living community, we are here to help!

Enhancing Revenue by Delivering Excellence in Sales and Marketing
If you are a senior living business professional, as you explore this site you are likely to find several of our revenue enhancing services that will give your organization a competitive advantage while increasing sales, occupancy and revenue, as our many clients/partners have found.

By clicking on the menu banner above, or on the blue service titles below, you’ll learn more about the services under the categories of:

Consulting & Sales Support

Sales Training

Consumer Seminars for Marketing Events

Sales Tools

Talent Acquisition and Careers

Senior Home Sales and Move Management

Marketing Services

Speaking Engagements

Better Decisions by Delivering Consumer Guidance
If you are a senior or family member, you’ll find services in the consumer section of this website that will provide you with the best possible guidance in deciding if a senior living community is right for you. If a senior living community is right for you, you can get more guidance on planning your move and making the transition, including help with finding the very best real estate agents and senior move managers to help with the process.

By clicking here or on the red For Consumers button on the banner menu above you’ll learn more about:
Planning Guides for Seniors
Transition Guides for Seniors
Home Sale Guides for Seniors
Senior Relocation USA Home Sale Service with Cash Back Bonus
Senior Relocation USA Senior Move Management Services

If you have time, take a few more moments to view the second video to the right and you’ll learn more about how we can help. You’ll also see the form to your right, which is on every page, where you can send us a message about your situation and how we can help.

So, here’s a bit more information about our company and its history.

Company History
The founding of Hunsicker Senior Living Services has an interesting story that you can also listen to in the video to the right, but here’s a short recap if you prefer to read it.

Real Estate Expertise
I was one of the youngest real estate brokers in 1973 in El Paso, Texas at the ripe old age of 23, and in 1977 founded our real estate company that grew to be the third largest in El Paso by 1985. So, we know a lot about residential real estate and getting houses sold.

29 Years in Senior Living
In 1985 the real estate company was sold and our family moved to Dallas and I entered the senior living business. My career in the senior living community business included working at the corporate and VP level for –

  • Forum Group
  • Marriott Senior Living Services
  • Greystone Communities.

Life Changing Story
I became seriously ill in 2006 and on New Year’s Eve of 2007 received a heart transplant. You can see the TV coverage of this event on the video on the right side of this page. If you and your family members are signed up as organ donors, I want to thank you. If you’ve not signed up yet, please consider going to your state’s organ donation site and register today. There is a shortage of organs and the waiting lists are growing.

A New Beginning
After a quick recovery, in May 2008 I founded Hunsicker Senior Living Services with the idea of providing the most impactful services to help senior living communities achieve the highest level of excellence in sales and marketing. Since then, we have developed several highly effective services that have proven to not only help our client/partner senior living communities achieve excellence in sales and marketing with greater sales, occupancy and revenue, but we’ve provided education and guidance for seniors considering a move to a senior living community.

Celebrating Six Years of Building the Company Foundation
Since mid 2008 we’ve helped over 300 senior living communities with one or more of our services and we have educated and guided thousands of seniors across the US helping them make right choice for their future.

Poised for Growth
Now, through a carefully planned and conservative growth plan we are gaining new associates and strategic business partners, and we expect to make our services available to all senior living communities in the United States and even abroad.

And, through our Consumer Guidance Services, we hope to provide guidance to more seniors and their families where ever the guidance is needed.

Thanks for reading this and I hope we can help you soon!

Rick Hunsicker
Founder/President & CEO

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Sales & Marketing Excellence

Sales & Marketing Excellence

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