Cash Back

Senior Transition Guidance and Exceptional Real Estate Service with Cash Back


aving helped develop and effectively operate within three of the best former sales and marketing departments, Rick Hunsicker knows what it takes to build a cost-effective and high impact sales and marketing support program. From having the right positions staffed with the right people, to having the best software and reporting systems, to developing the best on-boarding and sales skills development program and to cost-effectively providing communities the marketing communications support for high lead generation, we can help you build or re-structure you current corporate sales and marketing program.

Our process would include the following steps:
• Examine your current program
• Interview your current corporate team members
• Interview your community leaders
• Determine your strengths and weaknesses
• Develop an Improvement Plan with Recommendations
• Gain approval of the Improvement Plan
• Assist in the Implementation of the Improvement Plan
• Provide on-going support of Implementation through the first year

The fees for this service would depend on the anticipated scope and time needed to complete the project. As an option, a portion of the fee can be based on the outcome of improved sales results within the first year after implementation of the Improvement Plan.

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